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Head Start Programs: Simplify Your Workflows, Streamline Your Systems, and Clean Up Your Data

Simplify Your ChildPlus System

The world of data and compliance can be overwhelming and complex. Many Head Start programs rely on ChildPlus software to help them achieve their goals, maintain federal compliance, and accurately track finances. Innovo Administrators provides a training service that helps you simplify your ChildPlus Head Start software and tailors it to your program’s needs.

Helping Head Start Programs Succeed

Our mission is to help programs achieve their objectives by providing best-in-class consulting, solutions, and services. InNovo provides sustainable and innovative solutions designed to help Head Start Programs achieve their goals. Some of the benefits of working with the professional team at InNovo Administrators include:

High ROI

Don’t underestimate the returns data cleaning can bring your organization. Keeping your inputs consistent and accurate is an essential everyday task. InNovo Administrators can make the input process easier and more accurate by developing custom workflows and strategies. Partner with us to complete your data cleaning process, and then use your accurate and reliable data to obtain deep operational insights for your company. Move forward and make data-driven organizational changes with confidence.

Tailored Data Solutions

Every organization is unique, so there is no true “one-size-fits-all” approach to data management, systemization, and workflow optimization. InNovo Administrators provides fully customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. If it feels like your Head Start Software is making daily workflows harder for your team, rather than making them easier, InNovo Administrators is here to help.

Comprehensive ChildPlus Training

Head Start software can be a valuable tool, when you know how to use it. It allows organizations to comply with federal regulations, manage their operations more effectively, and make data-driven decisions. InNovo Administrators provides comprehensive training to help you and your team get the most out of your Head Start Software. We provide training on features such as enrollment and attendance tracking, reporting and data analysis, financial management, and more.

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I feel I will do great in this position with the knowledge I have been given.


I learned a lot of new things from this training.


“I do feel confident on this topic. I do believe that once I am more hands on and have practice with the actual enrollment that it will become easier and come naturally to me.”


This training gave me a better understanding and clarification on how to input to child plus.

ChildPlus Software Training & Assistance Services

Internal Database Audits

Strengthen your organizational preparedness for change with our 5-step Discovery Plan. Our audit process is designed to continuously prioritize key Focus Areas. This allows your organization to monitor existing and emerging risks in order to improve your compliance, boost your efficiency, and ensure you have operating readiness for future challenges.

Internal Database Audits

Strengthen your organizational preparedness for change with our 5-step Discovery Plan. Our audit process is designed to continuously prioritize key Focus Areas. This allows your organization to monitor existing and emerging risks in order to improve your compliance, boost your efficiency, and ensure you have operating readiness for future challenges.

Process Improvements

Identify necessary adjustments to optimize a specified set of parameters and remove unnecessary parts, making your processes more efficient. Apply the best possible solution from several available alternatives for the purpose of maximum data outputs.

Targeted Training

Targeted training programs help ensure both new and existing employees are fully trained and ready to perform in their roles. InNovo Administrators is here to help make sure that everyone on your team has access to the resources available, and understands how to use them, so they can develop new skills, update existing skills, and enhance their productivity.

Change Management

Prepare and support staff when making an organizational change with Organizational Change Management Services. These services help staff to understand and commit to shifts in the company. It can also help employees to continue working effectively during the change period. Without effective organizational Change Management, transitions can be rocky and expensive in regards to time and resources.

Flowchart Development

InNovo Administrators will help you break down and analyze your workflow performance. We can identify trends that will help improve your processes. Examples of improvements include removing redundant tasks, streamlining inefficient processes, and removing bottlenecks in the flowchart. The final result is a streamlined Data Collection Procedure that will save you time and improve your output efficiency.

Custom User Guides

Head Start software is a computer program specifically designed to assist Head Start programs in managing their operations and data. However, software is only truly helpful and effective when a team knows how to use it. Innovo Administrators creates custom user guides to help instruct your team on how to make the most of features such as: enrollment and attendance tracking, child assessments, family services and engagement, data analysis and reporting, and financial management.

Federal Compliance Review

It is a requirement for all Head Start Organizations to submit their data for Federal Review. InNovo Administrators provides compliance review services to ensure that the data you are submitting meets the requirements laid out by the federal Office of Head Start (OHS) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). Schedule a Federal Compliance Review from InNovo Administrators and feel confident knowing that you are submitting accurate and compliant data for your organization.

Data Cleansing

Find out whether your data set has the necessary integrity in order to maintain your data quality levels and obtain better results for your performance and decision making goals. Data cleansing processes may include the removal of duplicate data, standardization of data entry formats, and validation that data inputs are accurate.

ChildPlus Training

InNovo Administrators empowers early childhood education professionals with expert ChildPlus Software training. Our sessions, led by experienced trainers, delve deep into the software's capabilities, ensuring you can leverage its comprehensive features for optimum program management. We cover data management, report generation, family information handling, and developmental progress tracking. Our training enables you to streamline administrative tasks, improve efficiency, and foster better stakeholder communication. We aim to equip your team with the skills needed to extract the full benefits of ChildPlus, enhancing your capability to deliver high-quality early education services. Trust Inovo Administrators for an insightful and impactful ChildPlus Software training experience.
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