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The world of data and compliance can be overwhelming and complex. Many Head Start programs rely on ChildPlus software to help them achieve their goals, maintain federal compliance, and accurately track finances. We provide a service that helps simplify your Head Start software and tailors it to your program’s needs.



What is ChildPlus

ChildPlus is a comprehensive Head Start data management software that allows for easy monitoring, tracking and reporting all in one system. It's a powerful tool designed to help organizations maintain accurate records, keep tabs on key performance indicators, and streamline operations for efficiency as well as compliance.

how to download childplus to your computer

Once you have acquired a license for ChildPlus, you can download the software to your computer by logging into your account on the ChildPlus website. Go to the download section, click on the appropriate version for your computer, and follow the prompts for the installation process.

how to download childplus to windows

ChildPlus can be installed on your Windows desktop or laptop. Start by logging into your account on the ChildPlus website, navigate to the download section, select the version compatible with your Windows operating system, and follow the guided installation process.

how to find your username on childplus

Your ChildPlus username can be located by contacting your organization's ChildPlus Administrator. They can assist with retrieval of your username as well as assist with password reset if needed.

how to keep the left sidebar open in childplus

In ChildPlus, you can manually keep the left sidebar open by moving your cursor to the sidebar and clicking the pin icon. This action will lock the sidebar in the open position until you unpin it.

how to pin the sidebar in childplus

To pin the sidebar in ChildPlus, move your cursor over to the sidebar. A small icon that looks like a pin will appear. Click on this icon, and the sidebar will remain open until you decide to unpin it.

how to send a group text message in childplus

Group text messages or bulk SMS can be sent in ChildPlus by selecting the specific group you need to communicate with, then clicking on the messaging tool, typing your message, and clicking send. Remember to consider data privacy and confidentiality at all times.

who owns childplus

ChildPlus is owned and operated by Procare Solutions, a trusted provider of child care management solutions.

what does pir stand for in childplus

In ChildPlus, PIR stands for Program Information Report. It is an annual report that Head Start programs must submit for federal compliance. ChildPlus helps in making this process efficient and accurate.

what is the childplus data tracking feature

ChildPlus Data Tracking is a feature that allows for organized and efficient management of a vast array of Head Start data including enrollment, health, education, family services, meals, attendance, and personnel.

which report in childplus education manager needs to run

The exact report you will need to run in the ChildPlus Education Manager depends on the specific data or information you need. There are various reports for key areas such as enrollment, attendance, health, family services, and more.

why isn't my childplus accessible via taskbar

If ChildPlus isn't accessible via your taskbar, it may not be properly pinned. To fix this, search for ChildPlus in your start menu, right click on the app, then select 'Pin to Taskbar'. Alternately, it might be a technical issue that your IT department or the ChildPlus support team can assist with.

Whats new in childplus 5.0

ChildPlus 5.0 introduces both a Desktop and a Mobile version, with the mobile version providing on-the-go access to Family Services and related reports at no extra cost. New features include the DRDP built directly into ChildPlus Mobile, important security updates such as a strong password policy and 2-Step Verification, internal monitoring enhancements, school years grouping for program terms, an updated Head Start Eligibility Verification Form in the desktop version, interactive and user-friendly reports, and several fixes to previous issues.

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